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HIKVISION Keyboard (สำหรับควบคุมกล้อง PTZ) รุ่น DS-1600KI(B)

HIKVISION Keyboard (สำหรับควบคุมกล้อง PTZ) รุ่น DS-1600KI(B)

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Network Keybord

Main Features

  • 10.1″ capacitive touchscreen;
  • Detachable design of the touchscreen and joystick;
  • Wired and WiFi network connection;
  • POE power supply;
  • Capable of decoding 2-ch at 1080P decoding; up to 16-division
    window display;
  • Live view on touch panel;
  • DVI and HDMI output to monitor;
  • Controllable of 8000 devices;
  • Access to Hikvision products including DVR, DVS, NVR,
    network camera, speed dome, etc.;
  • Control of MVC and decoders for video decoding and output
    on video wall;
  • Accessible to HikCentral
  • Add cameras in batches by importing an Excel file from a USB
  • PTZ control, setting and calling preset, patrol and pattern;
  • Support upgrade and configuration files import/export by USB
    flash disk;
  • Support recording and picture capturing; saving files in USB
  • flash disk or uploading to FTP server;
  • Two-level user authority and up to 32 user accounts are
  • configurable: one admin and 31 operators.


HIKVISION Keyboard (สำหรับควบคุมกล้อง PTZ) รุ่น DS-1600KI(B) จาก 3 รีวิว

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