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Synology NAS 6 bay DiskStation รุ่น DS1621xs+

Synology NAS 6 bay DiskStation รุ่น DS1621xs+

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Synology NAS 6 bay DiskStation รุ่น DS1621xs+

• Built for High-Speed Connectivity
Combine built-in 10GbE and optional high-speed NIC
for over 3,100 MB/s sequential read performance1
• Boost Performance With SSD Cache
Built-in M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots permit cache
acceleration without using storage drive bays
• Flexibly Expand Storage Size
Flexibly scale up to 16 drives2 to increase storage
capacity as demand grows
• Collaboration and Productivity Suite
Build an on-premises, multi-user collaboration
environment with fine-grained controls
• Protect and Restore Data in a Snap
Back up critical data and reduce your Recovery Time
Objective (RTO) with Snapshot Replication
• Leverage Native Virtualization Tools
Use virtualization storage tools to complete your SAN
or run virtual machines on a full-featured hypervisor
• Fully Back Up Business Assets
Back up company data from PCs, public cloud, company
servers, and virtual machines