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Tenda N300Mbps ceiling access point PoE รุ่น I9

Tenda N300Mbps ceiling access point PoE รุ่น I9

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Tenda N300Mbps ceiling access point PoE รุ่น I9

– Speed 300 Mbps
– 1 port 10/100
– support PoE
– support 30 user , coverage area 300 sq.m

i9 / Wireless AP / 300 Mbps ceiling AP supporting up to 25 clients
I9 is a wireless access point specially designed by tenda for office, bar, coffee shop and other indoor environments.It works in the 2.4GHz band, and the wireless rate can reach 300Mbps.Built-in 2 high gain omni-directional MIMO antennas which give powerful WIFI signal penetration and coverage.At the same time, the device built-in power adjustment mode, the user can adjust the transmitted power according to the actual environment.The device adopts standard 802.3af PoE power supply, which can guarantee the users to realize long-distance network power supply without changing the original power network.With simple design,it can be installed directly on the wall or the ceiling,it do not affect the original building structure.And it support TENDA whole series wireless controller to management and deployment.

Main Features

– Support 300Mbps 2*2MIMO technology,it has internal strong and stable signal extender
– Support 12V 1A DC power supply directly,and support standard POE (802.3af) switch 100-meter cable power supply
– Support wireless controler, enterpriser wireless management

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