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Tenda Access Point Controller รุ่น M3

Tenda Access Point Controller รุ่น M3

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Tenda Access Point Controller รุ่น M3

– 5 port Gigabit
– ค้นหา AP auto
– Maximum Manage 128 AP

M3: Access Controller

M3 is an access controller to configure,manage and monitor the APs such as i6.When AP are powered on,it can discover APs in the network automatically and distribute the initial network porfile to the APs.Then you can manage all the online APs’ description,SSID,Channel,Security,output power and define dierent VLAN ID for APs to bind SSID to VLAN to establish dierent internet access right at one place without move everywhere.Hence,M3 make network administration more easily,more conveniently.

Main Features
– 5 Gigabit ports
– Discover AP automatically
– Maximum managed number of APs up to 128
– Eiditing remark of APs to identify location
– Unified manage AP’s SSID,Channel,Security,output power

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ขนาด21 × 13 × 3 cm


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M3 Datasheet



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