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Tenda 9-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch 8-Port PoE รุ่น TEG1109P-8-102W

Tenda 9-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch 8-Port PoE รุ่น TEG1109P-8-102W

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Tenda 9-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch 8-Port PoE รุ่น TEG1109P-8-102W

– 9-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch 8-Port PoE
– 8 port 10/100/1000 + 1 port up-link
– รองรับ PoE 8 port
– จ่ายไฟรวม 92W
– MAC Address 16K
– Switch Capacity 18 Gbps
– รองรับระยะทางในการจ่ายไฟ + Data แบบ PoE ได้ไกลสุดถึง 150 เมตร ( 100Mbps )

TEG1109P-8-102W / Switch / 9-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch with 8-Port PoE
TEG1109P-8-102W is the gigabit unmanaged lightning protection switch which is Tenda specifically developed for requirement of building Gigabit WLAN and HD camera monitor network.With high-performance access, 9-10/100/1000M Base-T Ethernet RJ45 ports; 6KV lightning-proof for allport; every single port support MDI/MDIX and wired speed; PoE ports supports IEEE802.3at/af standard while detecting and recognizing the IEEE802.3at/af standard power device automatically. Through conventional Cat 5e twisted-pair cable, power can be transmitted along with data for AP, IP Camera and IP Phone. With PoE dynamic power, easier configure, flexible extend network without being limited by the power line layout, plug and play, helping SMB,hotel, shopping mall,school to build high-security and reliability network of wireless cover and HD monitor.

Key Features
– 8 PoE Ports to power connected devices for flexible network deployment
– Supports IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standard and be compatible with PDs such as APs, IP Cameras or IP Phones, etc.
– Professional lightning protection circuit for all port
– 92-watt PoE budget
– Up to 2000Mbps full duplex bandwidth capability for high speed data processing
– 16K entry MAC address table of the PoE switch with auto-learning and auto-aging
– Supports IEEE 802.3x flow control for Full-duplex Mode and backpressure for Half-duplex Mode
– Compact metal case for Wall-mount / Desktop installation
– Support Port VLAN Mode, ports 1 to 8 are isolated from each other but able to communicate with port 9

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