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Tenda 2 Gigabit port PoE extension รุ่น PoE30G-AT

Tenda 2 Gigabit port PoE extension รุ่น PoE30G-AT

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Tenda 2 Gigabit port PoE extension รุ่น PoE30G-AT

– 2 Gigabit port PoE extension
– 1 Lan Port Gigabit สำหรับ PoE IN
– 1 Lan Port Gighabit สำหรับ Data + PoE OUT
– Power Output : 51 VDC 30W รองรับสาย Lan สูงสุด 100 เมตร

PoE30G-AT / Switch / PoE Injector delivers up to 30W output power per port
Tenda PoE30G-AT is IEEE802.3at Gigabit PoE Injector, fully complies wtih 802.3at standard, it enables to delivery power by Ethernet cable, maximum transfer distance is up to 100 meters. The PoE Injector features over two Ethernet Gigabit data port and a output port combined data and power. Also, the device enables to IEEE802.3af/at-compliant PoE power application for Ethernet device such as wireless AP, VoIP phone and web cam. PoE30G-AT supplies power by Ethernet cable, not only providing system reliability, traditional electric network extension but simplifing electric wires deployment.

Main Features
– PoE ports supports IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af standard
– Equipped with gigabit port, blazing-fast tranfer rate, maximum transfer rate of up to 30W for single port
– power distance extension of up to 100 meters for standard cat. 5e and cat. 6 Ethernet cable
– Plug and play, no any configuration required

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PoE30G-AT Datasheet



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